Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Bored Tip For the Summer #2

By Mary Vee

Try this unique summer idea:

Make-Mission Trip

Here's how to start:

A mission trip can be held anywhere, even in your backyard!  Pick a place where there are people who need help.  Find a way to meet their need.  As you do, tell them about Jesus.

Where could you go to be a missionary?  Here are some ideas:

a.  Grandparents home:  If your grandparent or other relative lives nearby, ask them if you can help clean their yard, vacuum their floor, read a book to them, go for a walk with them, listen to stories of their youth, tell them stories, wash their dishes, water their garden, or other idea that lets you spend time with them.  While you're there, be sure to tell them about Jesus.

b. Neighbor's home: Ask if you could help with yard work, walk their dog, paint their fence, sweep their sidewalk or perhaps you can think of another idea that let's you help them.  While there, be sure to tell them about Jesus.

c. Local park:  Take garbage bags with you to a local park.  Pick up garbage carefully.  Offer to be a play partner with a child who doesn't have one. While you clean and play, tell those around you about Jesus.

d. Local mission: Offer to volunteer in some way that the mission needs.  Perhaps you could get donations, sweep, sort donations, fold clothes, or serve meals. While helping, tell those around you about Jesus.

What other place could you suggest?  What other way did you think to help others?

One year I went on a mission trip to Honduras.  Yup, that's me in the picture. I traveled with a group of twenty people from different countries up mountain roads to remote villages in need of medicine.  Most of the people on my team were medical people. I wasn't I didn't know what I could do to help.  The leader asked me to teach the children Bible stories while their parents visited with the doctor. It ended up being an fun time.  God can used our skills to show Honduran people He loved them.

Next week we'll talk about how you can talk with people about Jesus.

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