Monday, June 7, 2010

End of School Year Tip

By Mary Vee

OK, so you're done with school--wahoo! Here is a tip that will give you a bubbling feeling inside. Take a moment to write a thank you note to your teacher. Nope, it can't be from Mom or Dad, or...anyone else. It needs to be from you.

I am a teacher. I can't tell you how good I feel when I get cards or notes or even emails from my students. I don't stop caring about them when the year is over. I remember each one, from every year I've taught. So...take a moment and write a note to your teacher. Guess what? Even if your teacher was your parent, they need this letter too.

Some ideas to choose from for your note:

1. What you liked best about the year.
2. Who your best friend was at the end of the year.
3. What you plan to do this summer.
4. What you plan not to do this summer.
5. Ask him or her what book they plan to read during the summer.
6. Tell them what you decided you want to be when you grow up.
7. Give them one compliment.

When you're done with the note or letter, include something like a drawing even if it is small. Don't forget to sign your letter!

Ask your parent to help you address the letter. After sticking a stamp on the envelope, mail your letter.

Tah Dah--you have been a blessing to someone!

Note: One year my daughter did home school with a video program. At the end of the year she sent a thank you note to the video teacher. At the end of the summer, we took a vacation to visit the teacher. She really enjoyed meeting the real person!

Well, did you write the note? Was it fun? Click on the button to tell us your ideas of what we could include in the note.


  1. that is a great idea!


  2. Dear MH
    Will Mrs. H get a thank you note from you? Hope so:)


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