Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baked Goods For Pharaoh

By Mary Vee
Genesis 40: 16-20

A cool breeze swooped through the prison window. Joseph shivered. The butler did as well, but only for a moment. The good news about being released from the dungeon in three days made him laugh and clap his hands.

The baker slapped the butler on the back. "Great news. I suspect my fortune will be the same." He turned to Joseph. "I had this weird dream that I was in as well. Let me tell you what happened so you can give me my good news."

The butler smiled. "Yeah. Hurry and tell him. Then we can celebrate together."

The baker rubbed his hands together as clouds blocked sun rays from shining in through the prison window. A brisk wind whistled through the bars. The baker faced Joseph. "Three white baskets sat upon my head. The top basket had all kinds of warm breads and freshly baked goods ready to serve Pharaoh. Suddenly a flock of birds swooped down on me and ate the food right out of the basket." He folded his arms together and nodded. "Now, tell me of my good fortune."

Once again God gave Joseph the meaning of the dream. Joseph gazed into the baker's eyes and sighed. "This is the interpretation of your dream. The three baskets are three days. Within three days Pharaoh will lift off your head from you and hang you on a tree. The birds will flock to you and eat your flesh from you."

The baker took two steps back and fell to the ground. "Please let it not be so. I didn't mean to do what I did."

The butler's jaw dropped. "It was you! It was you all along? I'm in this dungeon because of you?"

The baker held his hands together. "Honest. I didn't think Pharaoh would find out. What are you mad about, anyway? You get to go back to Pharaoh's service, but in three days I'm--I'm--"

Joseph turned and closed the door. He bolted the lock. The baker's lamenting seeped through the door and followed Joseph up the stairs.

Three days later the captain of the guard opened the window of the outer prison door. "Joseph. Bring me the butler and the baker. Seems Pharaoh decided to celebrate his birthday by throwing a party for his servants."

"He is?"

"You know Pharaoh. He does what he wills. Now, bring me the butler and the baker. They are to attend the party."

Joseph hurried to their cell and unbolted the door. "You've been invited to Pharaoh's birthday party. He's decided to honor all his servants, don't ask me why."

Suspicious looks fell on their faces. Then the baker wiped sweat from his brow and smiled. "Look's like you were wrong, Joseph." He swiped his hands together. "Let's go to a party."

The butler shrugged. "Maybe you're free. Still, I'd much rather not have spent these last three days in the dungeon."

Joseph opened the outer door. I hope the butler remembers me when he is restored to service.

Will the butler be restored to Pharaoh's service? Was Joseph wrong about the baker's dream? Will the baker get away with his crime? Will the butler remember to mention Joseph to Pharaoh? Stop by to read the next story to find out.

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