Wednesday, March 31, 2010


By Mary Vee
Today's story is the first of a two parter. Enjoy this original Easter time story.

Tom and Jason met in front of Mr. Timm’s ranch last Saturday to go 4-wheeling on his trails. Tom unhitched the entrance gate and road his bicycle to the barn where he found Mr. Timm’s quad parked under the lean-to. “L--Look at this. Spit polished and ready to ride. Mr. Timm is awesome.”

Jason grabbed a helmet from storage and handed it to Tom. “I’m glad he lets you use his or we couldn’t ride here. Did you see Carl yesterday? He raced his quad into my sister’s bike and made her fall into the ditch. My dad was really mad.”

Tom shoved his helmet on and snapped the strap. “No.” He grabbed the keys from under the rock and swung a leg over the seat.

Sunrays sparkled off Jason’s new 4-wheeler when he backed it out of the way. “You get an allowance don’t you?”


“So save up for your own quad. I bought mine. It only took two months.”

Tom gazed at Jason’s 4-wheeler. It’d take a lifetime of allowance for me to buy a quad like that. “My mom said we might be able to buy one next year.” But, I don’t think we’ll have the money—ever.

“You want to take the trail by Miller’s Creek?”

Tom raced forward. “Beat you there!”

They raced through the roller coaster trail leading down to the creek. Splashing along the riverbed they wove around rocks and twined through trees cheering like Olympians on a marathon. The course led to the western edge of the ranch where a twenty-foot cliff marked the property line.

Tom slammed on the brake a few feet before the edge. He and Jason hopped off their quads and ran for the edge, daring each other to jump. Tom dug his feet into the ground to keep his balance and noticed something beyond Jason. “Wait. Look there’s someone crouching by the fence over there.”

Jason squinted. “That’s Carl’s quad—I’d recognize it anywhere.”

Tom stepped around Jason. “Hey, what’re you doing here?”

Carl whipped around and slid something in his pocket. “Nothin’. What gives you the right to be here? Buzz off. Oh, and I’ll be sure to tell Mr. Timm you stole his quad. Didn’t think you had it in you.”

“I didn’t—“

Jason sighed. “Leave him alone, Carl.”

“Shows ya anyone dressed in rags can be a thief. Way to go.”

Tom turned away.

Jason glared at Carl then ran after Tom and yanked his arm. “You’re not going to stand up to him?”
Tom kept walking towards the 4-wheeler. Jason edged close, flinging his arms forward. “Tom? What’s the matter with you? Why do you let him walk all over you?”

Tom ignored him and started his quad. He tried to shut out Carl’s snide laughter. A mile down the road he pulled to the side and climbed off the quad. Jason slammed his 4-wheeler next to Tom’s. “What’s gotten into you? Why’d you let him talk to you like that?”

Tom shook his head and plopped on the ground. “I can’t.”

“Can’t? Can’t what? Stand up for yourself?”

“Last Sunday I went to church.”


“So—I heard about Jesus, God’s Son, and what He’s done for me. He took the punishment for all the bad things I’ve ever done. Everything. They told me at the church that Jesus loves me. He loves me so much that He was willing to leave His perfect home in Heaven to take the punishment for all the bad things I’ve ever done. I—I asked Jesus to help me. I—I believe in Jesus.”

Jason shrugged. “What does Jesus have to do with your not standing up to Carl?”

Tom yanked a blade of grass, tearing pieces away and letting them fall. “I just don’t want to do bad things any more.”

"Whatever." Jason stood and went back to his quad. “If he treated me like that, I’d fight him.”

“And then what?”

“And then he’d know not to threaten me.” Jason raised his chin. “Time’s wasting I’ll race you to Snake Pit.”
**** To Be Continued on Saturday's Post


  1. I loved your story Sladen

  2. jesus would be alert

  3. When the Pharasees tried to trick Jesus, Jesus answered them with a question. Jesus did not fight the Pharasees. So I think Tom was right to walk away and not fight Carl.

    Thank you Mrs. Vee for the good stories.

    Mrs. McConnell

  4. I thought it was a great story.I loved it


  5. Jesus would not fight Carl. Austin

  6. jesus would be the fruit of the spirt.


  7. Jesus would help.Kayden

  8. Jesus should help him and care for him.
    love lacey

  9. Jesus would pay attention.From Brett

  10. Dear Mrs.Vee we love your stories

  11. Jesus wouldn't fight.Jesus would be kind.
    I can't wait till Saturday!


  12. Jesus should help him and care for him .
    love lacey

  13. First of all they should not have talked behind Carl's back.And Carl shouldn't have said rude things. From,Jade

  14. JESUS would not fight Love the story.Love bayleigh


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