Wednesday, March 10, 2010


By Mary Vee
Genesis 35:27-29

A nearby donkey brayed. Jacob rubbed the sleep from his eyes and opened his tent flap. The table had been set for breakfast already. "Good morning everyone."

Leah looked up from her work. "Good morning, husband. You slept late this morning."

"Yes, I must admit I did. It sure felt good."

Jacob sat at the table. "Oh God, giver of all things, thank you for this food. Please bless it to our bodies. Amen"

Jacob picked at his breakfast, eating only a few bites. "Our journey is almost over. We should arrive at my father's home soon."

Leah smiled. "The children are looking forward to meeting him."

"He's old." Jacob sighed. "He could barely see when I left home over twenty years" ago." I hope he's still alive.

Jacob noticed his sons playing with the sheep. He called to a servant. "Tell everyone to break camp."

"Yes, Master." The servant hurried to tell those nearby.

Within an hour Jacob's family traveled further south down the road toward Mamre. As they walked, Jacob told stories about his grandpa Abraham. "Abraham lived in Mamre when his nephew was kidnapped. No one could conquer the bad guys. Grandpa gathered a bunch of men and chased down the kidnappers. He freed not only my cousin Lot, but also all the other people who were prisoners."

Judah, Levi, and Gad loved listening to the stories. "Tell us more."

Jacob did. He told stories about his Grandpa Abraham and his dad, Isaac until they finally arrived at Mamre.

Jacob ran to his father's house. "Dad. I'm home!" Jacob opened the door. He found Esau at their father's bedside. "Esau, how is Father?"

Esau shook his head. "I'm glad you came. We should call everyone here. He won't live much longer."

Jacob inched closer. "Dad? Daddy? I'm back. I brought my family to meet you." Isaac's eyes remained closed. Jacob watched his father's chest rise slightly with each breath. He kneeled beside the bed and took his father's hand.

The door creaked open. Jacob looked up and saw his sons peaking in. "Come in sons. Come meet your Grandfather." Jacob introduced each son to Isaac then sent them out of the house.

Later that night, after living one hundred and eighty years, Isaac breathed his last. The family gathered together and gave each other hugs. Esau and Jacob told stories about their father. They talked about the time Isaac refused to fight to keep his well. As a result he saved his family and brought peace to the area. Esau and Jacob son's realized how important their grandfather was and how he loved and obeyed God.

Esau and Jacob buried their father as he wanted to be.

The Bible says: some day we all will die. How will you be remembered. Will others know you loved and obeyed God? What can you do to help others know you love and serve God?


  1. I hope to be remembered for telling others about Jesus. When people think about my life, I would like them to remember the times I talked about Jesus with them.

    I can help others know I love and serve God by being kind and caring for others.

  2. it was a good story

  3. all have come short of the glooy of him.

    a bibe vers from ricky

  4. they will know i was a good person. i can tell t
    them about Jesus.


  5. I thought it was a great story. It was a little sad but good.


  6. Dear Mary Vee,we can tell others about Jesus and I know we will be remembered!


  7. You can invite them over to church.From Brett

  8. Tell other people about God so other people know about God. Austin

  9. I could teach others about God,so when I die people can say I remeber her.She taught me about God.Love,Jade

  10. We could help them by teachingthem about GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I could tell others about Jesus. From,Kayden

  12. I will invite them to pray with me. LOVE BAYLEIGH

  13. I can help by telling others about Jesus.
    love lacey

  14. Others will know that I loved and obeyed God because of my actions like if you all through your life served someone else for many years like Jacob did.
    Good bye,

    When you're picking out a grave stone you could pick out a cross as your stone, and that would show that you love God.

    1. Great thoughts, Tommy!

      And Ella, you have a good idea how to show your love for God.

      Well done, Tommy and Ella.


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