Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laben Tricks Jacob

By Mary Vee

Genesis 29:22-

"Well, this is a fine kettle of fish I've gotten myself into." Laban paced back and forth mumbling to the trees, moon rays, grass, anything that might listen.

"What was I thinkin'? How could I promise Rachel to Jacob for a wife?" He huffed and grabbed a handful of grass. He popped the tassels off the tops and smushed them in his hands. "I know no one who has allowed a younger daughter to be married before the older one. What would my Father say? What would my wife say?"

He tossed the remnants of grass on the ground. "I've got to think of a solution."
Laban walked out to the edge of one field. The stars blinked as though sending messages to one another. He gazed at the spotted black sky hoping to find the answer. "Still nothing. No clue. Bah, I may as well go back in the house and tell the wife what I did."

He glanced down in time to see a hole dug by some critter and flung himself out of the way. He shoved his hand against his chest and forced himself to breathe. "This is not my night. I could have fallen and broken my leg." He grumbled all the way back out of the field. As he crossed the front yard he noticed Leah closing up the house for the evening.

Suddenly an answer popped into his head. "I could dress Leah up for the wedding. Since the bride wears her veil and doesn't speak the entire night, Jacob wouldn't know he was marrying Leah instead of Rachel."

He clicked his heals together in the air and laughed. "Yes. Yes. Once Jacob is married to Leah, he can't changed the arrangements." He leaned against the tree near the fire pit. "I will have paid his wage for working these past years...well, it won't be exactly what he asked as payment, but close. After all Leah is my daughter as much as Rachel is."

Laben called a meeting of his wife and Leah. Fortunately, Rachel went to bed already. "I must discuss Jacob with you."

His wife and Leah looked at each other then back at him. "What is it?"

"Well, before supper, Jacob reminded me his seven years of service ended today. He wants to wed Rachel tomorrow."

Leah's jaw opened. "Papa, that's not fair! I'm the oldest. I'm suppose to wed first. I want to marry Jacob. Please, Papa."

Laban held his hands up and tried to sush them. "I have a plan. Tomorrow, before the wedding, I'll send Rachel out with the sheep as usual. I'll have one of the servants hide one of the sheep. Rachel will go out looking for her lost lamb, as she should. When she can't find it, I'll have the servant offer to run back home and ask us to hold off the wedding until she arrives. By the time she returns, the wedding will be over and you, my oldest daughter will be married to Jacob."

His wife and Leah clapped their hands together and smiled. "What a wonderful idea."

The next day, Laban sent Rachel to care for sheep. After she led the herd past the first field he called for a servant. "I have a job for you. Two hours before the sun sets I want you to sneak out to the heard, grab a lamb, and bring it back here. You must not let Rachel see you."

The servant lowered his eyebrows. "Are you sure, my Lord?"

"Yes, absolutely. Once you've brought the lamb here, return to the fields where you'll probably find Rachel searching for the lost lamb. Go to her and offer help. Tell her you'll run back here and have us delay the wedding until she returns."

The servant bowed. "I will do as you asked."

As the sun began to set, the wedding began. Jacob dressed in his best clothes and smiled at his bride in her wedding dress. Her veil covered her face. Laban worked hard to keep from laughing as Jacob took his bride's hand and married the girl he worked hard to earn the right to marry.

Laban certainly didn't act honestly did he? How do you think Rachel felt when she came back. How do you think Jacob felt when he realized what Laban did. So many questions!! Here is another question, how did Leah feel? Because of one lie so many people will be hurt. Has someone's lie hurt you?


  1. Yes someones lie has hurt me.I loved it.

  2. she fellt like dirt. I some times fell like that

  3. I don't think Racheal felt very happy.She probably
    felt kind of sad too.
    Shannon Travis

  4. Jacob felt angry.Rachal felt sad.Leah felt happy.
    Laban was not honst.Good story! From:Michael

  5. I think they all felt very bad because I always feel very bad when someone tells me a lie


  6. nobody lied to me before and i hope nobody will
    ever. love lacey

  7. Laban did not act honest.Rachel probably felt sad.Jacob was probably mad.Leah probably felt sad too!

  8. I loved it.Jacob probly was super super mad at Laben.From Brett

  9. Hi!I think if Leah would relize what she had done,she would feel bad.And I will tell you that I am a tricker but not a lier.Love,Jade

  10. Yes.Someone's lie has hurt me.Has someone's lie hurt you.By the way good story.Austin Jordan

  11. Nobody life has ever hurt me. Love,Kayden

  12. Dear,Mary Yes it hapend to me .It was my brother lied to me it hurt.I do not like him he is evil 100%evil he is in 5 grade.

  13. Yes my little sister calleigh lied to me pluse that was a great story.Love Bayleigh Garvin

  14. I agree. Lies hurt us and others. Good thoughts!


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