Saturday, January 23, 2010

If We Confess, God Promises to Forgive

by Mary Vee

Genesis 29:25-30
Jacob woke the next morning. He stretched and said, "Good morning" to his new wife, Rachel.

She lifted her veil and said, "Good morning."

His eyes sprang wide, his heart boomed, he began to shake. "Leah! I married Leah?

What...why that Laban...he tricked me!"

Jacob ran out of the house looking for Laban. "Laban! Laban! Where are you? Come out and talk to me."

Laban peaked his head out the living room window of his house then he ducked down.

"Laban. Come out and speak with me, right now!"

Laban slowly opened his front door and stepped out. "Is there a problem, Jacob?"

Jacob squinted his eyes and balled his fist. "What have done to me? Was it not for Rachel that I served you these past seven years? Why then have you deceived me?"

Laban rubbed the back of his neck. "You see, I, ahh, well..It must not be done so in our country. We don't give the younger before the first born is married."

Jacob shook his head I'm so angry, but I need to be respectful since he is Rachel's father. He searched for something nice to say. "You could have told me. Why then did you agree to let me marry Rachel after I served you seven years?"

"I wanted you to stay." Laban sat on a rock nearby. "Your work with the animals brought prosperity to our land. I--I didn't want you to leave."

Jacob huffed. "You only wanted more wealth." He stomped toward his house.

"Wait," Laban called. "Tell you what. Fulfill the wedding week with Leah and then you may also marry Rachel. I, of course, expect you to serve me another seven years to earn the right to marry my second daughter."

Jacob sighed. What can I do? This is the only way I can marry Rachel. "All right. You have my word. I will finish the wedding week, marry Rachel, then serve you another seven years."

Jacob stomped out to the fields to be alone and think. The sun painted the sky with bright morning shades of red and orange. He shook his head and raised his fist. Why did this happen to me? How could my uncle be cruel enough to lie?

Suddenly he remembered his home and his father, mother, and brother. He saw in his mind the whole miserable lie that he told. The day he stood in his father's room with his hands, arms, and neck covered with goat skin and the bowl of goat stew he planned to serve his father. His lying words pretending to be Esau, his brother. Accepting the blessing meant for his brother. And then the kiss on his head from his father, a kiss meant for his brother.

I was as cruel as Laban. He closed his eyes and wept.

After a while, he rubbed the tears from his face and went back home to his wife, Leah. He spent the wedding week with her like he said he would. At the end of the week he married Rachel. He worked hard to serve Laban seven more years like he said he would.

When we choose to sin, God expects us to confess our sins to Him. He promises to forgive us, but this doesn't mean we won't have a consequence. Jacob didn't like being tricked, but he finally understood how Esau felt. God loves you very much. He loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to pay the price for our sins. He tells us to confess our sins. He promises to forgive us, but that doesn't mean we won't have consequences.

Do you need to ask God to forgive you for something you did wrong? If so, take a minute and ask Him right now. He loves you and He promises to forgive you. Email me at the address on this blog is you have questions.


  1. Wow, Laban really tricked him, but Jacob also lied to his father pretending to be Easau. I love the story.

    1. Good thoughts, Ella.
      Perhaps this shows us that although we have sinned, God still loves us and wants to help us.

  2. Laban tricked Jacob, but Jacob lied to his father. THey both didn't exactly obey what God wanted them to do. Plus they would be better off if they didn't even do anything like that. I learned that obeying God makes you have a happier life.

    1. Very true, Tommy.
      Perhaps God chose this story to be included in the Bible to remind us how easy it is to be tempted to do wrong. Thankfully stories telling what Jesus did when tempted are included. Do you remember what Jesus did when Satan tempted him?


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