Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jacob Lies

By Mary Vee

Genesis 27: 15-19

Rebekah worked quickly to make the special meal for Isaac. "The meat needs time to cook 'til its good and tender, but it needs to be served before my son, Esau, returns home."

She left the meat stewing over the outside fire and called her other son. "Jacob, quickly, help me prepare the goat skins. We'll stick them to your hands and neck."

Jacob smiled. "Good plan. Father will think my skin is hairy. But--wait--I don't smell anything like Esau. If he gives me a hug, he'll know I'm not Esau."

"Don't worry. Go to your brother's room. I'll stir the stew then meet you there."

Rebekah tasted the sauce. She smacked her lips. "Yes. It's perfect. I'll let it simmer until we're ready."

She ran into the house and quietly slipped into Esau's room. "Jacob, here's Esau tunic. He would have changed from his hunting clothes to this before serving his food to your father. Quickly, change into this."

Jacob wrinkled his nose. His brother's tunic smelled sweaty. "All right, now what."

"Now we go out to the stables where I'll put the goat skins on your hands and neck."

She carefully stuck the skins onto Jacob then gave them a little tug to make sure they stayed in place. Rebekah closed her eyes and felt Jacob's hands. "Yes, your hand is hairy like Esau's." Next she felt his neck. "Perfect. Your neck is also hairy. Now lean close to me." She kept her eyes closed while smelling her son. "Why, you smell like Esau!"

Jacob shook his head. "That's not a compliment."

"Hurry now, let's get the food served before Esau returns." Rebekah grabbed a bowl and selected choice pieces of meat, vegetables, and sauce.

She handed the bowl and a small loaf of bread to Jacob. "Remember, say only what Esau would say. Walk like he would walk. Do what he would do. Now, go."

Jacob sighed. The goat skins scratched him. He stank like Esau. Esau's gonna kill me. He felt a sneeze coming.

Jacob opened the door and stepped into the hall. His heart pounded. His stomach gurgled. I don't know if I should do this.

Jacob took two steps back. His hands were damp with sweat. He nearly dropped the bowl. What will I do if Father curses me for lying?

Rebekah stepped in the doorway. She scowled and motioned him to hurry.

He sighed. I must go forward. I don't want my descendants serving Esau's. He squared his shoulders back to appear taller, and slowly stepped into the room where his father sat.

Jacob cleared his throat then imitated his brother's voice. "My father."

"Yes? Who's there?" Isaac paused and slowly looked in the direction of the voice. "Surely I expected Esau, but now I'm not sure. Tell me, which of my sons are you?"

Jacob took a step into the room. "I am Esau your first born." He nervously looked at his father. I'm glad he can't see hardly anything.

Isaac turned his head as if listening to the words again in his mind. "You say you're Esau?"

Sometimes we tell lies to get what we want. There are times when lying seems like the only way, but God doesn't want us to lie. How do you feel after you tell a lie? Why do you feel that way? Should Jacob have lied? Click the comment button to say what you think.

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  1. Dear merry vee,I love your stories verry much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dear mary vee you are right we sould
    never lie. love lacey

  3. Jacob shoudn't have lied.Great story.

  4. I feel very bad after I tell a lie.

  5. no. but you did a awsome job

  6. It does not feel good to lie. Love,Kayden


  8. i loved itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt....... ,westin

  9. Dear Mary Vee,I don't feal good after I tell a lie.It's not good to tell lies.Jacob shouldn't
    have lied ether.


  10. Jacob got what he wanted but he told a lie. Austin Jordan

  11. I do not know if you would call this a lie but I trick a lot.and if I tell a real lie I feel really bad!!!I ask God to forgive me! jade

  12. That was a great story ,jacob should not of lied.

  13. That was so cool , yes I feel bad when I lei.Love bayleigh


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