Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Isaac Calls Esau

by Mary Vee

Genesis 27:1-5

Isaac opened his eyes. "Crazy Rooster, making noise before the sun gave a breath of light. Bah, I may as well get up."

He grumbled and mumbled while rubbing his eyes. "The ol' eyes are foggier this morning. Can't see hardly a thing." He sat up on the edge of his bed. "Rebekah!"

Fire flared in his lower back. "I hate getting old." He felt around for his cane. "Rebekah!"

Seconds later her warm hand touched his. "Here's your cane, Dear. Are you ready for breakfast?"

Rebekah scooped her arm under his elbow and helped him to stand. "Did you sleep well?"

Isaac planted his cane on the ground and hobbled to his chair. His bones crackled as he plopped down. "Do you know what I have a taste for?"

She laughed. "Let me guess. You'd like some warm, fresh bread, goat's milk, and a thin slice of last night's meat. It's what you want every morning."

He nodded and gazed toward a fleck of light that must have come from the window. "Not today. I would love some of Esau's fresh game--gently cooked in that savory sauce he made a long time ago."

Isaac sighed. "I wish I could see you better." He shook his head and chuckled. "I'm sorry you have an old grumpy husband this morning. Would you call Esau for me?"

Rebekah smoothed a blanked over his lap. "Yes, of course. But, do you want breakfast?"

He thought for a moment then smiled. "Maybe a piece of your warm bread for now."

She patted his shoulder. "I'll call Esau."

Moments later, Rebekah set a plate of bread on Isaac's lap. He tore off a warm piece from the loaf. It warmed his hand. "Tastes wonderful. Did you find Esau?"

"Here I am, Father."

"Oh, Esau, you're here. Good." Isaac turned in the direction he heard his son's voice. "Please, sit with me."

"Can I get you anything. Would you like some milk?" Esau's voice sounded worried.

"My son. My first born, son. I'm old. In truth, I don't know how much longer God will let me live."

Esau sat closer to his father. "Don't talk of such things. You'll get to put up with many more practical jokes from Jacob and me. Here, drink some milk."

Isaac swallowed a few gulps then waved the cup away. "Listen." He looked at his son. He couldn't see Esau's eyes, but he felt the hair on Esau's arms. "I would like you to take your weapons, your quiver, and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me. Bring back your kill and cook the meat in the same savory sauce you made once before."

Isaac chuckled and licked his lips. "I can almost taste the food now."

He patted Esau's arm. "Once I've eaten your delicious meat, my soul can bless you before I die."

Esau set his hand on top of his fathers. "I'll help you, Father. If you want meat in my special sauce, I'll gladly make it. I'll leave right away. You can count on me."

Now Rebekah was listening to their conversation. I must do something to make sure Jacob receives the blessing instead of Esau.

What will Rebekah do?

I have so many questions, do you? Here are some of mine: Why does Rebekah want the blessing to be given to Jacob instead of Esau? Is she going to trick her husband? Shouldn't she ask God what to do? Will Jacob help with the plan? What will happen to Esau?

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  1. Why didn't rebekah just give the blessing to Esua in the first place?


    1. Dear MH
      Great question!
      The blessing was not for Rebekah to give. The gift was from God and therefore would be given to whom He chose.
      Many events in the Bible show God working through someone who is not living in His will. I think of King Cyrus who was moved by God to allow the captive Hebrews to return to rebuild the city. Sometimes God works through people like Pharaoh to bring plagues on the Egyptians.
      I hope this helps.

  2. How did you come up with this story. I will be back on Tuesday most likely. Why did Rebekah want to trick Isaac? I think she wanted Jacob to get all the credit. Jacob may not be a good hunter, so Rebekah wanted to trick Isaac. I think Rebekah wants to do something to his sauce. He might poison the sauce.

    Comments by Mrs. McConnell's student.

    1. Dear Mrs. McConnell's student,
      At the top of each story I list the Bible passage that tells what happens in God's Word.

      I read the Words, research maps, ask Pastors questions, read commentaries, pray,then retell the story in words for kids like you. I pray for all the readers each night that God will help each one to understand the truth He wants them to see in the story.

      I recommend reading the story from your Bible as well.

      I think Rebekah wanted to trick Isaac because she wanted her favorite son to get the blessing.

      I can't wait to see you comment on the next story when you see if your guesses were right.

      It sure is nice talking with you.:)
      Mary Vee


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