Saturday, December 26, 2009

Esau Looses the Blessing

By Mary Vee

Genesis 27:30-40

Esau came back from his hunt in a good mood. "I can't wait 'til Father tastes this meat. He's gonna love it."

He cooked the pieces in a large pot over the open fire behind the family tent. He tasted the broth then added his usual ingredients to flavor the meat. As he stirred, he noticed Jacob sneaking toward the herd. That brother of mine. He's probably been goofing around again.

He looked toward the side of the tent and watched his mother mending. He smiled. I know she wants Jacob to get the blessing, but it won't work. Once I serve Father this meal, I'll receive the family blessing.

Esau patiently waited for the meat to cook exactly as Isaac liked. He sipped the broth then tasted a piece. "Hmmm perfect. All I need is a bowl."

He scooped the best hunks of meat and some broth into the bowl and took them in the house. First, I'll change into my better tunic. After all, I need to look nice when Father blesses me.

He went to his room. That's strange, I usually keep my tunic over here. He change clothes quickly, grabbed the bowl, and stood at the door of his father's room. "Father, I brought the meat you asked for. Come, sit at the table and eat of my game that your soul may bless me."

Isaac turned his head toward the voice. His eyebrows were furrowed. "Who are you?"

Esau paused. That's weird. Why would he ask me that? "It's me, your firstborn son, Esau."

Isaac's body shook. His eyes went wide. Esau set the bowl down on the table then ran to his father. He laid a hand on his father's arm. "What's wrong?"

"Who? Where is the one who hunted game and brought it to me? I ate all of it before you came and I have blessed him--"

Esau stepped back, "You what?"

Isaac looked at his son. "--and indeed he shall be blessed."

Esau fell to his knees. "No! No, Father. It can't be true. Say it isn't so!" He wept a bitter cry. "Father, please, you must bless me--you must bless me also, O my father!"

Isaac shook his head and sighed. "Your brother came with deceit and has taken away your blessing."

Esau crawled to his father's chair. "It's not fair. Jacob took the birthright and now he has taken my blessing! Isn't there anything you can do.? Please, Father, you must have reserved a blessing for me?"

Isaac gently set his hand on his son's head. "Indeed I've made him your master, and all his brethren will be his servants. He will have plenty of grain to live. What could possibly be left?"

Esau rubbed tears from his face then grabbed his father's hands. "You only have one blessing? Please, O my father, bless me." He lowered he head and cried.

Isaac took a deep breath and held his son's head up to face him. "It is God's will that my blessing fall on Jacob. I cannot change that. You will be able to live off the fat of the land. But by your sword you shall live and serve your brother."

With those last words Esau ran out of the room.

While this may seem a sad story, we must realize that God said Esau would serve Jacob before they were born. Esau made an unwise choice years before this event when he sold his birthright to his brother for a simple bowl of soup. Esau thought only of himself when he wanted the soup and he thought only of himself when he begged for the blessing.

It's easy to think only of ourselves when we see others get what they want and we don't. We might feel angry or sad. Maybe God knows you'll be happier without the item, perhaps He wants you to wait for a better time. No matter what, God will take care of you and make sure you have what you really need if you follow Him.

What do you think about Esau's choice?

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