Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wait...Wait...Wait...Isaac had to Wait.

By Mary Vee

Genesis 25:20-26

Isaac truly loved Rebekah. He had the most beautiful wife in all the world. She kept him company, made great stews, and even spent time in prayer with him.

One day Isaac sneaked behind Rebekah and tickled her.

She squealed. She chased after him.

He stayed an arms reach away and laughed. "God couldn't have given me a better wife."

"Ha, ha. You say that because you don't want me to catch you." Rebekah held her skirt tight and ran faster. "Need I remind you I have a brother?"

Isaac grabbed a tree limb above his head and flung himself up on the branch. "Yes, I seem to recall you have a brother. Perhaps he needed to tease you more!"

Rebekah raised her chin. "I'll let you escape this time, for the sake of the stew that is about to burn. Next time, dear husband, you won't be so fortunate."

Isaac shook his head and laughed while watching his bride run back to the fire and stir the stew. She ran in and out of the tent putting the finishing touches on the dinner.

He didn't want to climb down from the tree yet. He enjoyed watching her. "Hard to believe we've been married over fifteen years already. Where does the time go?"

After dinner, Issac went out to the fields to pray. The air felt moist and crisp. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath of late fall air. "Oh God of my father, Abraham. You know how Rebeka and I have longed for a child. Yes, I know you promised me a son, but I would like to play with him before I die."

He squinted his eyes and wrinkled his nose hoping God knew his playful heart. "You know I've remained faithful to my beautiful Rebekah and have gladly waited for you to give us a son. But, perhaps, you could give us this child soon?"

Isaac remembered Rebekah's sweet spirit. "God, have you noticed, Rebekah hasn't complained about not having a child yet? I pray, Oh, God of my father, Abraham, please give us a child soon."

Time passed by. One day Rebekah skipped out to the stable. She flittered around her husband. "Isaac, Isaac, guess what? Guess what?"

He didn't know whether to laugh or think she was crazy. "Ahhh, what?"

"Oh, come on, guess, please?"

"OK, you made my favorite goat stew for dinner."

Rebekah rolled her eyes. "Nooooo. Try again."

"Ummmmm, you finished mending my favorite tunic."

She playfully punched him. "Come on, Isaac. Try harder."

He scratched his beard. "Ahhhhhh, I give up."

"We're going to have a baby!"

Isaac's jaw fell open. "I--we--we're going to have a baby?" He twirled Rebekah around and the two laughed and laughed.

Several months later, Rebekah noticed a problem. Afraid that something might be wrong with her baby she walked out to the field and asked God, "If everything is well, why do I feel these pains?"

God answered, "You will have twins. Each will be a nation. One will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger."

When the time came for the babies to be born, the first baby looked red and had lots of hair. "I will name him Esau which means 'red'"

Right away Esau's brother was born. His little hand had a hold of Esau's heel. Rebekah looked at her second son. "I will name him Jacob."

Isaac felt very proud. "God gave me two sons!"

When Rebekah felt well enough, the family visited Grandpa Abraham to let him see his new grandsons. "Look, Father, these are my sons, Esau and Jacob."

Abraham gave Isaac a hug. "Congratulations, son."

Sometimes God tests our faithfulness. He wants to know if we will choose to stay faithful and trust Him to provide if we have to wait. King David waited a long time to be king. My brother waited to get a job. Do you know someone who had to wait?


  1. I thought it was a beautiful story . Love Madison

  2. it was grrrrrrrreat.

  3. I had to wait before.And this is a great story

  4. I wait all the time.Do you wait or do you know someone who waits?

  5. it was awesome it was the best one yet!

  6. Dear Mary vee,I loved your story today!

    From Delaney

  7. that was the best story i ever heard.
    love lacey

  8. that was a great story. from Brett

  9. I had to wait in trafic for two hours. Love,Kayden

  10. I had to wait a long time to get a pony. But now we found a pony.I think we are going to keep her.
    iI think God blessed Rebbecca.I loved your story!!!Love,Jade

  11. My mom had to wait intil she could drive.love bayleigh


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