Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beginnings Crossword Challenge

By Mary Vee

This weeks answer can be found in Genesis 1 and in the Thanks stories posted last week here on God Loves Kids

2. Sixth day first made
6. Sixth day second made
7. When God created the earth
9. Second day made
10. Fourth day first made
11. fourth day third made
13. Fifth day first made
15. First day second made
16. Third day third made

1. Fourth day second made
3. Third day first made
4. Before anyone
5. Seventh day
7. Fifth day second made
8. Third day second made
12. Third day fourth made
14. First day first made

How many answers did you need to look up? Click on the comment button and let me know how you did:)

How did you do on the maze last week? Here is the answer:

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