Friday, November 6, 2009

Abraham is Lonely

By Mary Vee

Genesis 25: 1-2

Abraham sat down after the marriage party for his son, Isaac, and yawned. "He truly loves Rebekah. Such happiness is more than I could have hoped."

Eliezer served his master some drink. "You look weary. Wedding parties are exciting but exhausting."

"Especially when you're as old as I." Abraham pressed his cane into the dirt and shuffled to get comfortable. "140 years is not so young."

"Such words from a man who hiked throughout this country, went to battle against a fierce king to save his nephew, built up his wealth in a new land, and fathered a son when he thought he was too old."

"For a servant you have a quick tongue. Remember, none of those things would have happened without God's hand directly involved." Abraham stroked his beard and looked toward the fields. "Maybe my days are coming to a close."

"Please don't say that. Perhaps you're lonely."

"It has been quiet since Sarah died. Too quiet." Abraham pushed himself up and walked to a nearby tree. "Isaac will be busy setting up his own home. I'll miss the long talks we've had."

The party music continued to play softly. Abraham glanced back at Isaac and his bride. "Didn't you say she makes a delicious goat stew?"

"Her mother told me."

"Maybe she'll make me--" Abraham suddenly noticed one of the head servants. She served Isaac a fresh drink then walked back to the cooking tent.

"Ketura is--"

Eliezer looked at his master. "Yes? Ketura is one of our best servants. She has served faithfully for many years"

"I mean, Ketura is--"

Eliezer looked at Ketura then back at his master. "Uh huh. I understand."

Abraham hobbled over to Ketura. They talked long into the night. It felt good to have someone to talk to.

During his prayer time, Abraham paced in the field. He thanked God for the wonderful wife he sent for Isaac and for guiding Eliezer to her home. He thanked God for giving them a safe journey.

He praised God for choosing to give him his land, his cattle and sheep, and a bountiful harvest. He praised God for faithful servants that stayed with him.

Then Abraham stood still. He stoked his beard and sighed. "It seems to me, God, Ketura would be a good friend and a great helper to me. True, I could never love her as I loved Sarah, but I sure would enjoy her company. What do you think?"

He gazed up at the night stars and let a smile pop. Deep inside, his happy heart told him God approved.

One day, Abraham married Ketura. He loved the strolls in the fields and the long evening talks. They had six sons: Zimram, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah.

You'll want to notice their son's names. Maybe one looks familiar to you. We will get to know more about Midian in stories about Moses and Gideon.

In the meantime, think about God's love for Abraham. Once Isaac married Rebekah, it seemed Abraham finished the work God gave him. He became lonely. What did God show Abraham?


  1. Mary, as a widow i understand his lonelyness, as your mom does. But the Loed does come to my help if I feel lonely and while I can't share my walks with another husband, I do have good friends and thank the Lord for that.

  2. My grandma loved God so much. But she was sad after grandpa died. Our family worked hard to spend lots of time with her to let her know how special she was. I pray your family will do the same for you:)


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