Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rebekah's Wish for a Prince

By Mary Vee

Genesis 24:15
Last time we left Eliezer with his master's camels and servants near a well. He found the city of Nahor as Abraham asked him to do. While he settled down to rest and began a prayer to God asking for help to find the right wife for Isaac, Rebekah finished her mending in her home at the nearby city.

Rebekah shook the skirt she mended and tipped her head. "Good, can't see the hole." She shoved the needle and thread back in the sewing box.

"Rebekah, help me with this goat stew," her mother called. "After we prepare the meat and vegetables, it can cook while you get the water."

Rebekah grabbed a knife and some vegetables and found a clean spot on the counter to work. "Mother, do you think I'll ever find the perfect husband?"

Her mother wiped her hands on her apron. "You could marry Lavi the spice merchant."

Rebekah laughed. "Sure, and bring him his cane every morning. Mother, he's too old."

"True, but you'd never go hungry marrying a wealthy man like him."

Rebekah sighed. "I know, but isn't there more to life than being wealthy?"

"You don't complain about your life here." Her mother sliced a few pieces of meat and dropped them in the pot. "Your father has given you much."

"He has given me a good life here." Rebekah gazed out the window at her father, Bethuel, and laughed. "He's chasing that silly brother of mine. Laban probably hid his favorite tool again."

Rebekah chopped the last piece of vegetable. "Sometimes I wonder, what would it be like to go on a long journey and see someplace new? Maybe my husband is in a far off country waiting for me. Maybe he's an heir to a great kingdom. What if he's part of a great plan that would bring peace to everyone?"

Rebekah twirled around and gave her mother a hug. "Do you think it's possible?"

Her mother dropped the last piece of meat into the pot and laughed. "You, my daughter, are so beautiful. How is it that you have such wild dreams?"

"Oh, I don't know. I really do love being near my family." Rebekah twirled over to the window and leaned on the edge. "It's just--I feel something in my heart. I want to go on an adventure out there, somewhere, to meet my special prince."

"Until that day should ever come, bring me the vegetables for the pot. And hurry, I see your friends coming up the road. You need to grab your water jug and get going to the well."

Rebekah chuckled and dropped the vegetables into the pot. She hummed a tune as she twirled over to the water jug. She scooped it up and danced with it out the door. "Good bye, Mother. I love you."

Sometimes God gives us wishes to help us want to do what is in His plan. One day I saw a movie about being a missionary in Mexico. Suddenly I wanted to go more than I wanted to do anything else. My father said, "No." I didn't have any money to pay for the trip. My friends prayed and prayed. They prayed every day. God supplied the money. My friends kept praying with me for God to change my dad's heart. One day my dad said I could go. When I was in Mexico I handed a paper with a Bible story written on it to a man in the city. He stopped, read the story, and said "Thank You." I never saw the man again. Sometimes I wonder if he ever heard anything else about God.

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  1. Dear Maryvee,Your story was amazing!
    I love your stories!

    from Delaney

  2. I love that story so much.Love Bayleigh


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