Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pesky Brothers

By Mary Vee

Last time we talked about Eliezer giving Rebekah a gold ring and gold bracelets. She ran home to show her family the wonderful gifts.

Laban, Rebekah's brother, wiped his forehead. "What a hot day to split wood." He set the freshly cut log on the wood pile. As he reached for another chunk of wood, he noticed his sister running toward the house. He looked closer and saw her friends weren't with her. There must be something wrong. His ax fell from his hand, just missing his foot. "Rebekah!"

"Laban, Laban, look what I have!" Rebekah waved her wrist in front of his face.

"Wait just a minute. Who gave you these bracelets and the ring? Who's this person?" Laban rolled up his sleeves. "I'll teach this stranger to fool my sister. Where is he?"

Laban paced a few steps, turned and glared at his sister. "Why do you listen to strangers? He could be a thief."

He pushed her off the path. "Step aside. I'll take care of him."

Rebekah tried to slow her breathing. She shook her head and laughed. "You don't understand. No one was mean to me."

Laban stomped up the path. "Yeah, sure. Is he at the well?"

"Wait!" Rebekah pulled her skirt tight around her feet and ran after her brother. "You must listen." She took two more breaths. "Yes, there's a man at the well. He's the servant of Grandfather's brother."

Laban stopped. He studied her eyes to decide if she was telling the truth. "Abram's servant is out at the well?"

"Yes! But his servant called him Abraham. He must have changed his name."

"And you left him out there? Rebekah what were you thinking?" He shook his finger at her. "You can't leave servants who probably have important messages from family members out at the well. Do I have to do everything myself?"

He ran out to the well. There he found a finely dressed servant standing by ten magnificent camels. Nine servants stood humbly nearby. Ooooo, Rebekah is going to be in so much trouble when Dad and Mom find out she left these people at the well.

He swallowed and took a few steps near the servant. "I understand you met my sister."

The servant nodded.

"Please forgive us, for you are blessed of the Lord. Please, come to our home. Our house is prepared for you."

Laban turned to lead the way to the house. "Come, my parents will want to hear all your news about Abraham."

Eliezer commanded the servants and camels to follow. "Very good. I have important news to tell them."

Looks like Laban cared about his sister after all. He showed, in his brotherly way, that he didn't want her to get hurt. I have a brother like that. God brings many different people in our lives who care about us. Think about the people in your life. Yup, even the ones who are pesky. Can you find at least one time when someone showed they cared about you? Did you just giggle?


  1. someone tried to tackle me but my friend tried to tackle them. yes i did giggle.

  2. My pesky brother has rescued me several time with computer problems...thats when I realize he cares.


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