Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Journey to My New Home

By Mary Vee

Genesis 24:59-65

Rebekah left her home with her parent's blessings. She and her maids mounted their camels and set out to find her prince. Eliezer led the way.

She turned back to the only home she had ever known and waved. "Good bye, Mother. Good bye, Father!" Rebekah lowered her arm and whispered, "Good bye, Laban. I shall miss you."

She faced forward and giggled. "I'm on my own adventure to a new land. I can't wait to meet my prince."

Being away from home felt exciting. Rebekah laughed and talked endlessly with her maids. They joked about Laban and tried to imagine what their new home would look like.

Day after day Rebekah stared at sand and sand and more sand. Occasionally Eliezer stopped by an oasis. The servants refilled water skins while Rebekah stretched her legs.

"Eliezer, tell me about the rest of our journey."

He bowed. "We'll climb the mountains you see in the distance. After several days journey we'll find my master's home."

"He truly lives a great distance away."

Eliezer smiled. "My master is a good man." He turned and walked away.

Rebekah turned to her maids. "He doesn't talk much."

They giggled together and walked back to the camels.

Climbing the mountains didn't seem as difficult as Rebekah imagined. Well warn roads through gentle passages proved easy for the camels to travel. The air smelled different. It was fresh and moist.

Rebekah took a deep breath to let scents of trees and flowers fill her lungs. "I'm going to like it here. I can't believe God has given me a land better than my dreams."

After traveling a few days in the mountain pass they reached a peak. Off in the distance she saw a great body of water. "Eliezer, what is that water?"

Eliezer slowed his camel. "That's the Salt Sea. We're near my master's house."

Rebekah's eyes widened. She pressed her hands together. "We are?"

"Yes." Eliezer urged his camel to move to the lead again.

Rebekah urged her camel to catch up. "Wait, Eliezer. Please. Tell me what does Isaac look like."

Her maids pressed their camels close to hear his answer.

"Well, he's strong. As you know, his father is old. Master Isaac chops and carries wood for the sacrifices."

Rebekah shook her head. "That's good, but what does he Look like?"

He stroked his beard and gazed ahead. "He has a keen sight. Why, he spots an animal before any other hunter I've know."

The maids giggled. Rebekah sighed. "Yes, yes. But what does he looook like?"

Eliezer cocked his head. "He's a great hunter. His father never waits long for meat. Why, I remember last year when Isaac found a bear. Best meat we ate all year."

The maids burst out laughing. Rebekah hushed them. "Dear Eliezer, is he tall, is his hair curly, tell me, what does he LOOK like."

He shrugged. "He looks like my Master."

Rebekah rolled her eyes and sighed. Suddenly she lifted her eyes and saw a man in the field walking toward them. "Who is that man, Eliezer?"

"Don't you recognize him? It is the man I've described to you. It is my master, Issac."

The maids leaped off their camels. "It's him! It's him!" They rushed to Rebekah and helped her down from her camel.

"Calm down girls. Quickly, give me my veil." They swirled the veil over her head and stepped back.

Rebekah stood tall while watching Isaac walk toward them. I'm home.

God cares about each of us. He has plans for our lives that may take us to far away places or keep us near or at our home. He may ask us to chop wood, work in a factory, sing in a choir, study in school or something else. What has he asked you to do? When you do your best in your job, how does your heart feel?


  1. i feel very great.

  2. I liked it so very much.

  3. I dont no. how about you

  4. I thought it was a briliant story.Love Madison

  5. I love the story.From:Michael

  6. I fill very good.It was awesome.

  7. All I know is that God wants us to obey him.When I obey him it makes me fell better.I love your story! love,

  8. My heart felt realy good. Love,Kayden

  9. My job is to study.My heart feels good.What is your job?

  10. Dear Mary Vee,Your story was awesome!
    My job is to follow directions.It feels good
    when you do whats right!

    From Delaney

  11. you worked so hard on this stroy and
    i loved it. love lacey

  12. I feel great when I do my job,How do you feel.Brett

  13. Dear ,Mary Vee
    I love your stories

  14. My job is takeing care of my family.When I take care of my family my heart fills great.What is your job and how does your heart fill.Love Bayleigh


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