Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eliezer, Trusted Servant of Abraham

By Mary Vee

Genesis 24:1-9
Abraham groaned when the sun rose one morning. His arms ached. His legs ached. He rubbed his eyes and looked around his tent for his cane. Everything looked blurry.

Eliezer opened the tent flap and stepped inside. "I see you're awake already. I brought you some food and drink. Do you want to eat in here or out at the table?"

Abraham rubbed his back. "I'll eat out there. Maybe the fresh air and sunshine will soothe my bones."

"Very well. Here's your cane. Do you need help?"

"No, my friend." Abraham chuckled then coughed twice. "I may be older than 137 years, but I think I can find my way out of this tent."

Abraham yawned and pushed himself up with his cane. "Sure wish my Sarah was here. She'd laugh and call me 'old man'. She sure knew how to keep me moving."

He hobbled out the tent and over to the table.

Abraham leaned against the edge of the table and motioned for Eliezer to come closer. "Eliezer, Isaac is old enough to have a wife. He's almost 40 years old. I don't want him to take a wife from this land. The women here do not worship the true God."

Eliezer nodded. "I understand. But what then would you have me do?"

Abraham gazed up at the morning sunrise. Golden sun rays reached far to the east. "You have been my most trusted servant for years. Please, put your hand under my thigh and promise me in the name of the Lord, the God of heaven and the God of the earth that you will go to my country and to my family, and find a wife for my son Isaac."

"You want me to travel all the way to Mesopotamia? What if the woman I find will not come with me back here? I suppose I could get Isaac and take him back to Mesopotamia to find a wife."

Abraham shook his head. "Oh, no, no, don't do that. Isaac must not go back there. The Lord God of heaven clearly told me this is the land He wanted us to have. Isaac must stay here."

Abraham gazed into his servants eyes. "Don't worry. God will send His angel before you. You will find the right girl. And, if she isn't willing to come here and marry Isaac, then you will be free from this promise. You must not take Isaac back there."

Eliezer bowed in respect. He placed his hand under his master's thigh and promised to do everything Abraham asked.

Abraham clapped his hands together. "Good. Now I can eat my meal."

Abraham knew he could trust his servant Eliezer to do what he promised. We also know that we can trust God to do all that He promises. But here is the question. Will you be a trusted servant for God like Eliezer was for Abraham?


  1. yes I will foll GOD

  2. dear mary vee i like your story very very very very much. love lacey

  3. I like the story From Michael

  4. That was a very good story.You are a very good wrighter

  5. Dear Mary Vee,
    I thought the story was very,madison

  6. I loved it

    Chloe Rutkowski

  7. that was great I loved it.From Brett

  8. I loved the story!

  9. I loved that story it was so good.Love Bayleigh

  10. I loved your story!Yes I would be a trusted.from jade

  11. Ya know what? God has seen these comments and you have made Him smile very much. He likes when you read stories from the Bible, and it pleases Him to see you are willing to be trusted and that you would follow God:)


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