Sunday, October 18, 2009

Can Rebekah Find Her Prince? Crossword Puzzle

By Mary Vee

FIND ANSWERS TO THIS WEEK'S PUZZLE IN GENESIS 24. Scroll Down to find last weeks answer

1. Rebekah's home
5. Was Eliezer allowed to take Isaac on the trip?
6. Relationship between Rebekah's grandfather and Eliezer's master
7. What Eliezer touched to make his promise
9. Animals Eliezer took to Rebekah's family
11. Bethuel was Rachel's
13 What Rebekah carried
14. Abraham's son

2. Number of camels Eliezer took
3. Eliezer's master
4. One of the gifts given to Rebekah
8. Eliezer's gifts were made of
9. people from which Eliezer should not find a wife for Abraham's son
10. direction Eliezer travelled
12. Rebekah poured water into


  1. cool crossword!!!!! I'm trying to figure it out!!!


  2. Me too! Can't wait to see the answer next week. I'll have to look at my notes..Gack!


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