Friday, October 2, 2009

Abraham Lost His Best Friend

By Mary Vee

Genesis 23
Abraham's best friend on earth had to be Sarah, his wife. She lived with him longer than anyone else he knew. She laughed with him when they found out they would have a baby, she hiked with him through the promised land, she did whatever she could to make him happy.

Sarah was 127 years old when she died.

Abraham cried. He sat down beside her and thought of all the things they did together throughout the years. Tears poured down his cheeks.

His servant offered him food and drink, but he didn't want anything. He missed his Sarah.

Men who had lived in the land heard about Sarah's death. They came to visit Abraham. The men walked close to Abraham and waited for him to notice them.

Abraham lifted his head and looked at them. His eyes were red. Tears clung to his face. He sobbed.

One man said, "Abraham, you are a mighty prince among us. In all the years you have lived here, we have come to know and trust you. Please, accept our gift. Take any of our best pieces of land to bury Sarah."

All the other men nodded in agreement.

Abraham's servant helped him stand. His back hurt, his knees hurt, and he felt very tired. He took a sleeve and wiped his face. "Thank you for your kindness. Please let me have the cave of Machpelah which is at the end of Ephron's field. Tell me the full price. I will pay for the property."

Ephron stepped forward. "No, my lord, please, you must let me give you the field and the cave. Before all these witnesses I say I am giving you the land. You owe me nothing. Please accept my gift."

Abraham was a wealthy man. He had plenty of money to pay for the land. He realized Ephron wanted to give the land out of respect and honor. Ephron was not rich. To take the gift from him would be wrong. Also, Abraham didn't want any of the men from that land to say they were the ones who made Abraham rich. He knew God gave him all that he owned.

Ephron looked at Abraham's eyes. "You really want to pay for the land, don't you? Well, if you must know, the land is worth 400 shekels of silver."

Abraham took out his money. He weighed the silver until he had the right amount and gave it to Ephron. "Thank you for letting me buy the cave and the field."

Before all the witnesses, Ephron gave the paper to Abraham saying he owned the field and cave at Machpelah.

Abraham and his servants carried his best friend, and wife, Sarah, to the cave and buried her.

Even though he thought of her, and oftentimes heard her voice in his memory, he knew in his heart that she was with God and that he would see her again someday.

Sometimes we lose our friends, they move away, or they leave in other ways. It's OK to cry when they leave. The Bible tells us Jesus cried, do you remember when and why? But after we cry for a while, we need to keep doing the things God wants us to do. Don't forget your friends. Keep caring about them while you do the things God has for you to do.


  1. I'm blessed to have friends that have never moved. i am really close with all of them!


  2. It was very good.You are a very good wrighter.

  3. I like it. Very,very,very GOOD!

  4. the story was very very good.

  5. I thought that your story was great!I had a friend move away too. from,Jade

  6. dear mary,that was sad story, but i like lacey

  7. I thought the story was very good it was sad but it was still good.madison

  8. I loved your story it was was great!from Brett

  9. Mary vee I thought the story was great and a little sad too.I think it's sad that Abraham lost his wife.

  10. Mary I love your story I could not stop reading it thank you.Love Bayleigh

  11. The story was great.I now how it fells. by Kayden

  12. i loved your story!

    Chloe:Rutkowski grade:3#rd

  13. Dear Mary Vee,I loved your story.It was a wonderful story from the Bible.

  14. Dear Mary Vee
    I like your Storys.And that lady was prtty old when she dide.

    Love Gentry


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