Wednesday, September 2, 2009

God Will Make a Way When There Seems to be No Way

By Mary Vee

Abraham woke up early. Living on top of a mountain let the sun poke its way into his tent before he liked getting up. He stretched and tasted the gunk in his mouth. Sarah snored once and rolled over.

"Guess I'll start the fire. But first, I need to find the water jug."

He gulped some water then stepped out of the tent and gazed at the sky. "Well, Lord, the sky is filled with reds, oranges, and other colors this morning, more than usual."

He took a deep breath of mountain air and smelled something weird. He took a second deep breath. "Hmmmm...smells like smoke."

Suddenly he remembered the Lord's Word when He visited the other day. "Sodom, Lot's family...did God really destroy the city?"

He hiked to a high boulder and climbed to a flat spot. Off to his right he saw black clouds swirling into the air.

Abraham lowered his head. "Not even ten people lived in Sodom who loved God. Didn't they remember only a short time ago when I went on a quest to save their people taken as prisoners by the king of Elam. They knew God helped me conquer the king and bring back those people safely. Couldn't they trust in God? Couldn't they stop their evil ways even to save their own lives?"

"Husband, where are you?"

"Over here Sarah. Look, God has destroyed the wicked city of Sodom."

She climbed up next to him. He pointed toward the smoke.

She pulled her sweater closed and shivered. "Do you think Lot and his family escaped?"

Abraham gazed in her eyes. He saw her concern. "Yes. I do. God needed to punish the wicked people of Sodom, but He also found a way to save our nephew."
Sarah smiled. "I'll make us some breakfast."

A song I learned in church has these words, "God will make a way, when there seems to be no way." Sometimes God's way seems weird or takes a long time in our opinion. I'm thankful that God made a way through blogs to share God's Word. How has God made a way to help you or someone you know or someone from the Bible? Press the comment button and share with me.


  1. whenever i have a problem, God sends my friends to help me out.


  2. I know he has, MH. God gave you some really understanding friends.

  3. God makes a way by showing joy and kindness to us.

    Mrs. McConnell's kindergarten class.

  4. He sure has, Kindergarteners, and it shows. :)


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