Wednesday, September 9, 2009

God Likes to Make You Laugh

By Mary Vee

At the end of the last story, Abraham apologized for lying to King Abimelech. He felt happy in his heart that God forgave Him.

Abraham sat outside his tent and stoked the fire. A breeze blew the tall grasses in the fields. Even with his old eyes he could see the mountain where he use to live off in the distance. He took a sip of water and leaned back in his chair. "Ahhhh, life is good. God has blessed my family beyond what I could ever ask."

"Aaaa hem," Sarah cleared her throat. "Husband, I have unusual news for you."


"I'm, going to have a baby."

Abraham blinked his eyes and shook his head. "You're what?"

Sarah giggled then laughed. Her eyes twinkled. "It's true! God said we would have a child, and look, I'm really going to have a baby."

Abraham jumped from his chair and grabbed her arms. He swung her around, dancing to the left and right. He laughed. "Imagine that, a ninety-year old mother and a one-hundred-year old father." He chuckled and swung her around a few more times then they both plopped down in their chairs by the fire.

"Up on that very mountain in the distance the Lord told us we would have a baby in one year from that time." Sarah wiped a tear of joy then giggled. "He kept His promise."

Abraham nodded. "I think we should name him Isaac."

"Isaac means laughter, what a good idea, Husband. I'm sure everyone who hears that we old people are having a baby will burst out laughing." Sarah propped her feet up on a rock.

Abraham chuckled as he leaned over to stir the fire. "Just wait until Lot hears about this....ha, ha, he, he, ho, ho." They both burst out laughing.

God always keeps His promises. Sometimes they surprise us. What promise can you think of that God kept? Click on the comment button

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