Sunday, September 6, 2009

Genesis People, Places Crossword Puzzle I

By Mary Vee

1. God asked him to go on a boat ride
4. floating house
5. city where Lot lived
6. other city destroyed by God
8. first person killed
10. Noah's oldest son
11. lived in King Abimelech's palace
15. God told him to go, didn't say where
17. Adam and Eve's first home
2. first man
3. Hagar's son
7. Sarah's servant
9. Abraham's nephew
12. Noah's second son
13. Noah's youngest son
14. killed his brother
16. Abraham's mountaintop home

You can find the answers in stories already posted on this site. CLICK COMMENT AND TELL ME IF YOU DID IT....PUHLEEZE. :) <

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