Saturday, September 5, 2009

Abraham Lied

By Mary Vee

Abraham decided he and Sarah needed to move. No one really knows why. Who wouldn't love a mountain top view? Maybe Abraham felt he didn't need to watch over his nephew Lot anymore. Maybe his servants couldn't find enough pasture for the animals.

He and Sarah moved southwest to a valley with great pastureland called Gerar. After arriving, they set up their tent and gave directions to their workers to arrange the camp. They found the marketplace and planted a garden.

King Abimelech happened to see the new people in town. "Hi! Welcome to Gerar. Tell me who you are."

Abraham felt nervous. He decided to lie. "My name is Abraham and this is Sarah, my sister, and these are our workers."

King Abimelech went back to his palace. After lunch he told his servant. "Sarah is a nice person. She should come live in the palace."

That night, God came to Abimelech in a special dream. "Sarah is Abraham's wife. You will be punished for bringing her to live in the palace."

King Abimelech said, "Wait a minute. I didn't know! He told me she was his sister."
God answered him in the dream, "I realize you didn't know. If you send her back to Abraham you won't be punished."

Early the next morning, King Abimelech sent for Abraham. "Abraham why did you lie to me? I greeted you. I let you stay on my land. Why did you lie?"

Abraham lowered his head, "Well, I thought for a moment and realized the people who live in this land don't love God. They probably will kill me because of my wife Sarah. So I said she is my sister." He took a deep breath. He wondered what the king would say.

King Abimelech sighed. "I guess I can see why you were afraid, but you shouldn't have lied. Here, to pay for any wrong I have done by taking Sarah to the palace to live I will give you sheep, cattle, and money. Please pray to your God to remove any punishment."

Abraham wiped away sweat from his forehead and nodded. "Thank you." He then looked up toward the sky and prayed, "Almighty God. I pray your mercy on King Abimelech. Please bless him and his household for Your sake."

When Abraham didn't know what to do, he chose to lie. His lie caused a big problem, a problem only God could fix. King Abimelech could have put Abraham in prison for lying, but he decided to forgive Abraham.

I have lied, it caused me problems, too. What should Abraham have said to King Abimelech when he met him? Click on the comment button to share your idea.


  1. he should have never lied. lying always catches up with you later on.



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