Saturday, September 12, 2009

Abraham and Ishmael

By Mary Vee

Genesis 21:8,9

Abraham had two sons now. Baby Isaac spent most of his time with his mama, Sarah. She fed him, kept him clean, held him when he cried, and laid him down for naps.

Abraham spent some time with baby Isaac, too. He noticed baby Isaac's first tooth. He yanked his finger away and cried "Ouch!" when Isaac bit him after other teeth came.

But, Abraham liked spending more of his time teaching Ishmael how to care for the sheep and cattle. Now that Ishmael was fourteen years old he understood pieces of the family business.

"Ishmael, take this message to the servants in the field, then bring back firewood."

"Yes, Father."

Abraham nodded. "You're doing a fine job."

When baby Isaac turned three, Abraham and Sarah gave him a special party. The servants came and maybe a few neighbors to celebrate Isaac's birthday.

During the party Ishmael watched for a second when Isaac stood alone.

After the meal, Isaac suddenly shouted, "Bird!" He ran to a tree. "Bird!"

Ishmael glanced around. No one was watching the little boy. He crept over to Isaac and gave him a shove. "Hey, flea. You may think you're important, but you're not. I'm the oldest. I'm the one who will get our father's business. When he dies, I'm going to--"

Abraham called from the other side of the tent. "Ishmael, get our best ram. I want to show him off."

"Yes, Father." Ishmael squinted his eyes at Isaac. "He may have saved you this time, but he's too old to see everything."

Ishmael shoved Isaac one last time then ran to the field, proud of his high position in the family.

Sarah smiled at a guest. "Excuse me, I'll be right back."

She walked over to the tree and hugged Isaac. "What do you see?"

Little Isaac sniffed and rubbed his eye. He pointed up in the tree. "Bird."

"Yes, there is a birdie up there." She held Isaac's hand and walked him back to the party.

That night, Sarah told Abraham what happened.

Have you ever had someone pick on you? We don't often realize that God is watching over us even when others are cruel. God promises to take care of you. Will you share a time when God helped you or someone you know, or someone from the Bible.


  1. All the time. My mom makes me wake to early, my dad makes me mow the lawn, my cat trips me in the morning. Sigh. Why is everybody always picking on me? :)

  2. God has helped the kindergarten class in many ways.
    God has helped the kindergarten kids through their brothers and sisters help.
    God helps the kindergartners remember to share with others.

    Mrs. McConnell

  3. Dear Kindergarteners,
    You have a great start to an important list. I wonder how long you could make this list.
    What if you add one more way God helps you each day you are at school? You could post your list and watch it grow. I wonder how long the paper would be on the last day of school.


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