Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sometimes We Need to Hear God say,"It's OK"

By Mary Vee

One day after Abram returned to his home in Hebron and Lot returned to his home in Sodom, Abram began to wonder about God's promises. How would God make him a father of many people when he didn't have even one son? He was more than 75 years old!

He thought, maybe his head servant would be the one who would inherit all his things. That wouldn't be so bad, he thought, My servant is trustworthy and kind.

That night God spoke to Abram in a dream, "Do not be afraid."

God says that a lot of times in the Bible. He realizes we get afraid when we don't understand things. God still says these Words to us today.

In Abram's dream, God told him "This servant will not be your heir, but your very own son will be your heir."

Then God knew Abram needed to hear and see more to fully understand. God took Abram outside his tent and said, "Look up at the heavens and count the stars."

Abram didn't really count the stars, but he understood what God meant. Still God added a little humor by saying, "If you can count the stars, then you will know how many descendents you will have."

A smile burst on Abram's face. God really would make him a dad, even though he was old. God really would make him a father of many people.

He could wait now. He knew, he really knew that God would do as He promised.

Sometimes problems happen in our life. We try real hard to solve them by ourselves, like Abram did when he thought his servant would be his heir. God knows when we are concerned that things won't work out. This is the time He will send someone to comfort us, or let us hear a story from His Word to comfort us, or put a song in our head, or something to let us know that everything is going to be OK. God is in charge...and everything will be OK. We only need to wait for His timing.

What could you suggest to someone who is going through a problem and needs to hear a word of comfort?

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