Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lot's Wife Preferred Salt

By Mary Vee

I hope you had as much fun finding the Genesis names as I had making the puzzle:)

Time to finish the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.
We left Lot and his family outside the city walls of Sodom. The angels told them to run away to the mountains as fast as they could and not look back.
Even though Sodom had big, big problems with sin, Lot really liked living there...a lot.

He and his wife looked at each other. A tear dripped down her cheek. "What about my friends, Lot? What about our house? What about the great stores, and all the great things in Sodom. Must we leave? Is it really that bad?

Lot rolled his lips inside his mouth. So many thoughts ran through his mind. Maybe he could witness to the people. Maybe he could try harder to help the people of Sodom to be good.

He turned to the angels, "Wait! Maybe, maybe we could..." He turned to the east and thought of the city of Zoar. That's it! "Please, my lords, you have been so kind to us. My family can't flee to the mountains. We can't survive there. Look, over there at Zoar. It's close by. Oh, and it's small, isn't it? We could run there and be able to find a way to live there."

The angel sighed. "Very well, you can go live there. We will spare that town for your sake. But you must run there quickly."

The second Lot and his family reached Zoar, God sent fiery rain made of sulfur on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The cities and all the crops and other plants burned.

Lot's wife was sad. She thought about her house, her friends, her stores, her stuff, and all the things that meant so much to her in Sodom. She knew the angel told them to run away and to not look back, but what would one glance hurt? She'd only take a peek. She just wanted to know if maybe some of the town would be spared. She would go back and help the people clean up the mess. They could rebuild her house. She started to turn her head and.....

Do you know what happened to Lot's wife? Click on the comment button and tell me.
Also, think back or look back at the Bible stories on this blog. Do you remember what Abraham's wife, Sarah, did when God asked them to leave their comfy home in the big city of Haran? Help me figure this out.


  1. The Kindergarten class knew what happened to Lot's wife...she turned into a pillar of salt. We talked about what a pillar of salt would look like.

    We also talked about what sin is and what we should do when someone tries to get us to do the wrong thing. We should go away. Just like the angel told Lot to run away.

    Mrs. McConnell
    Kindergarten Class

  2. Dear Kindergarten class,
    You already knew what happened to Lot's wife? That's fantastic. By learning the Bible stories we learn what we should and should not do. Well done:)


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