Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let God Take Care of You.

By Mary Vee

Two Angels left Abraham’s camp and walked to Sodom.

Lot saw them the instant they arrived. He jumped to his feet and greeted them by bowing his face to the ground.

“Please, my Lords, please come to my house. I’ve got some water to wash the dust from your feet. You can even spend the night and then continue your journey.”

The angels nodded. “No, thanks. We'll spend the night in town.”

Lot knew that bad men from the town would hurt them. “Please, you must come to my house. I’ll cook a nice supper.”

The angels agreed. The angels and Lot’s family ate a tasty meal together.

Just before bedtime, a gang of bad men surrounded Lot’s house. They yelled at Lot. “Come on Lot. Send those two men out here.”

Lot went outside to talk to the gang. “No. These men are under my protection. They are in my house.”

The gang of bad men became angry. They shoved Lot. “Get out of the way.”

The two angels reached out and pulled Lot back into his house. The gang of bad men didn’t see it happen! The angels made every man in the gang blind.

If Lot had explained the real problem and asked the angels to help him the night they arrived or even after his meal things might have turned out differently.

Sometimes when we get into trouble we think we can take care of the problem by ourselves. We try real hard, but the problem doesn’t get fixed. If we ask God to take care of the problem, He will. It may not be the way we expect. But God will take care of you.

Can you share a time that God took care of you, or someone from the Bible, or someone else?

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