Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Anything Too Hard for God to Do?

By Mary Vee

Abraham sat in a chair, sweating. He took a sip of water and wiped his forehead. "Well, Sarah, it's a hot day."

Sarah laughed. "Dear husband, I think I figured that out by myself. Sitting here inside the tent with my mending hasn't kept the heat away."

They thanked God for the great tree by Mamre that gave them what little shade they could find. Their tent-like home fit perfectly underneath it.

Abraham looked out at the ridge. Something moved. His old eyes didn't always see things clearly anymore. There, he saw a movement again. It came closer. No, it wasn't one. There were three. Three men. His eyes focused on them. Oh, they look hot and thirsty.

Abraham ran to them and bowed low to the ground. "Please stop here at my tent. Let me give you something to drink and maybe something to eat. We can wash the dust from the road off your feet."

Abraham was that kind of man. He just loved helping people!

The visitors said, "Sure, it would be nice."

Abraham ran to his tent. Can you imagine a 90 year old man running to his tent?

Huffing and puffing he said to Sarah, "Hurry, make some bread, we have company."

She smiled and giggled with delight. "That's wonderful, I love when company comes to visit. I'll make the bread right away."

While she made the bread, Abraham ran to his herd and picked the best one he had to be cooked for a meal. Soon the food was ready. Abraham served his company in the shade while Sarah stayed in the tent finishing up a few things. She enjoyed listening to the conversation. She crept closer to the entrance to the tent to hear better.

One man said, "I will come back next year and at that time, Sarah, your wife will have a son."

Abraham realized only the Lord would know that. Ooo, that meant the Lord had come to visit him!

But maybe Sarah hadn't figured that out yet.

Sarah laughed to herself, "How can we have a son we we are both so old?"

The Lord said to Abraham, "Why did Sarah laugh? Is anything too hard for the Lord to do? I will return to you next year and Sarah will have a son."

Sarah took a few steps out of the tent. She bit her lip and lowered her head. "Sir, you must be mistaken, I didn't laugh"

The Lord looked at her. "Yes, you did laugh.

Sarah realized then who had spoken to her. A tear dripped out of her eye.

Sometimes we think God can't help our problems. Why bother asking Him for help? No one can help. We pout and stand off by ourselves.

Let's encourage each other today. Tell how God can help someone with their problem. You can use a Bible story, something God did for someone else, or share something God did for you. Click on the comment button below to share your idea.

You start, then I will share a time God helped me.

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