Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Ultimate Hiking Trip

By Mary Vee

Abram, Sarai, Lot, their servants, and...well, we don't know how many people left on this ultimate hiking trip altogether. What we do know is that Abram was 75 years old. Thats pretty old for a hike!

The starting point was a huge city called Haran located at the base of a mountain. They hiked southwest through green fields and over mountains for about 400 miles. Their stuff would have been loaded on the camels and donkeys, perhaps somethings were packed in a cart pulled by a donkey. I've gone hiking, but I've never traveled that far! Some say Abram and the group hiked for one year before reaching Shechem to rest for a time.

God continued to guide Abram through a promised land called Canaan, (named after Noah's grandson, Cainan). The group continued hiking south for about 36 miles crossing over mountains until they arrived at Bethel.

In each place God spoke to Abram, reminding him of the promises He made. Abram showed God his faith by building an altar to the Lord and calling on His name.

Abram's tour of the promised land ended when he came to the Negev on the south side of Canaan. This hiking trip covered more than 450 miles. On every inch of land Abram and his family walked, God walked with them and showed them the way. No one suffered injuries, no one became sick to the point they couldn't travel. God took care of them.

Can you comment on a time when God took care of you or someone you know?


  1. The kindergartners discussed when God took care of them or a family member. This is what they said:
    Allie - God took care of my sister when she was sick.
    Noah - God helped my mom when my sister had an owie.
    Brooke - God took care of my sister when she fell down.
    Kellen - God took care of my sister when she was sick.
    Guerin - God took care of my brother when he was coughing.
    Kanyon - God took care of my sister when she fell and when she was sick.
    Trevor - God took care of my brother when he fell down.
    Rachael - God helped my brother pick me up when I fell.

  2. Oooo, God loved hearing your answers.
    Thanks Kindergartners for sharing your wonderful answers.
    I sure love to see you here:)


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