Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time to Go - All Aboard

By Mary Vee

The time finally came for Noah, his wife and sons Shem, Ham, Japheth and their wives to go on their first cruise. Their ship (ark) was big enough to hold two of every kind of animal plus a few extra. Wowsers! God knew Noah's family would need plenty to keep them busy. Staying in the ship without going up on deck to see the sights could get boring.
They got on board and spent the first seven days deciding who would feed the elephants and who would brush the horses. The animals talked like animals do to the Noah and his family. It really helped drown out the noise of the teasing and mean things people outside the boat were saying. Shem laughed when the tiger tail tickled his nose. Ham held his breath when the bear gave him a hug. Japheth taught the mocking bird to say, "Hi Dad, What's for dinner?"
After seven days, the family met for the eveing meal. Noah told them that God would close the door the next day. "This is going to be an exciting trip. You boys need to make up some games we can play with the animals." Noah led his family in prayer, praising God for the new adventure.
Then God closed the door.
If you could play a game with an animal that couldn't live in your house, what would you play?


  1. i would ride a tiger and pet a lion. and if i could they would be comfortable to nap with!!!!


  2. Hold that thought. After Jesus comes back for us and takes us to Heaven, thats exactly what we all will be able to do...Yee Haw! (waving my cowgirl hat:)

  3. I would play hide and seek with a mountain lion or a black bear. I would learn many wild ways to track and find hiders. Marcia

  4. At that point the seeking would be the most fun because we could use the tricks a mountain lion or black bear uses.
    Great idea!


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