Saturday, July 18, 2009

Robots, Puppets, or People?

By Mary Vee

God made our minds to do awesome things! There have been many times in history when people thought everything that could be invented had been invented. Yet microwaves, space shuttles, iPods, Blogs,and other things have come to be part of our lives.

God gives us these great ideas, but we get to choose whether we use the information or not. God also asks us to do things and lets us choose whether to obey Him or not.

God asked Abram to leave a very nice home in a big city and to go to a new land. God also gave Abram some promises.

He said: Abram, I will start a whole new nation of people with you. Many, many, children will call you Grandpa and great Grandpa, and great, great Grandpa and...

He said: Abram I will make you well known. You will be famous.

He said: Through you, Abram, all the people on earth will be blessed.

Did any of this come true? Well, the country of Israel and the Jewish people all started with Abram, (that's one that came true). Abram (we know him as Abraham, or Father Abraham) is known throughout the world, even today, (that's two that came true). Jesus, the Messiah's earthly parents were decendants of Abram. Because Jesus came and died for our sins, those who believe in Him are blessed (that's three that came true).

So, if God asks me to do something will He give me a promise? Sure! He already did! The Bible is full of promises God is giving to us, and more that God will be giving to us. John 3: 16 says, Whoever believes in Jesus will not perish but have everlasting life. Another promises given by God is: He will never leave us, or forsake us.

God loves us...He didn't make robots or puppets. He made people with minds that could choose to follow Him.

What promise can you think of that God has given us?

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  1. The kindergarten class decided we have been given many promises by God. We can choose to be kind, show joy, and choose to obey. We had fun pretending to be robots and puppets, but we would rather be people with choices. Thank you for your story!!

    Mrs. McConnell's kindergarten class


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