Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reaching for the Stars

By Mary Vee

350 years following the flood Noah died. There were many people on the earth. Quite a large group chose to live in the plain in Shinar which was later called Babylon. Everyone spoke the same language. Wouldn't it be nice to travel to Germany or Italy or some other country and speak the same language as the people who live there?
The people decided it would be a great idea to make a huge city with fancy buildings. Everyone agreed. Then someone suggested, "Let's make a tower that reaches to the heavens."
"Yes!" said another. " That's a great idea. Everyone will know us and we will be famous."
"Yes!" said someone else. "With such a wonderful city there will be plenty of room for our children and their children and no one will ever have to move anywhere else."
The people made bricks and used tar to build their buildings. All they thought about was their city and how wonderful it was looking. They worked long hours everyday to make the tower taller and taller. At the dinner table families told about their day making city buildings. Everyone was excited thinking about the city...and no one thought about God.
God knew they needed help. The people forgot to follow the ways Noah taught his sons.
One day, as the people met at the tower to pull more bricks high up to the top floor, God created many languages and gave them to the people. Micah and Thomas and Matthew, and thousands of others said words like: hand me another brick. Men standing near them shook their heads and said something like: what did you say? No one around understood!
Actually, God was the only one who understood all of the people. He is willing to listen to us and to help.
People today can speak the same language like English or German or something else to each other, and yet not be understood.
Sometimes kids feel others don't understand them. What do you suggest for a kid who feels someone doesn't understand their problem?

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