Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Most Thrilling Roller Coaster Ride Invented

By Mary Vee

Noah and his family heard the tapping and splushing of rain against the outside of the ark. Thunder grumbled and roared..they'd never heard it before. Lightening suddenly flashed into the one window. Noah screamed and bonked his head on a shelf. The ark began to rise like an elevator. Noah and his son's wives held their woozy stomachs . Powerful waves jarred the ship up and down, left and right, back and forth giving Noah and his family the first and most thrilling roller coaster ride invented.
Almost everyone on board grabbed something to hold on to. Seth planted his feet firmly on the planks and spread his arms out like a surfer. Japheth climbed on top of the rail to the horse's stall, waved his hat, and shouted "Yee Haw!" Ham stacked bundles of hay from the bottom of the hull to the top floor, 5 stories high, to sail down the world's tallest slide, that is, until he was jarred off into the tiger cub pen.
Noah's wife spilled a tray of freshly squeezed lemonade while on her way to serve Noah. Noah sat back and laughed at the circus knowing everyone was safe.
Sometimes strange things happen to us. For those who believe in Jesus, we can sit back like Noah knowing we are safe.
Was there a time you didn't feel safe? What can you suggest for kids to do when strange things happen to them. How would you like someone to help you?


  1. Sometimes I don't feel safe when I am traveling. Some ways to feel safe when I travel are to stick to my family or those I am traveling with: not walking off by myself when getting out of the car at a place to eat, a gas station, or a motel. Marcia

  2. Good advice.
    I'd only add that when we are traveling and are with our family, God is with us keeping us safe, like He did for Noah.


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