Wednesday, July 15, 2009

God Asks Abraham to Leave His Home

By Mary Vee

Once the people living in the area of Babylon realized they couldn't talk with each other because of the new languages, they moved away and made new homes and cities. Years later Terah moved his son Abram and what was left of his family north to the big city of Heran.

Before long Terah and his family were settled into a new home and making a good living. Abram and Sarai made friends, found their favorite market places to shop, and enjoyed listening to the sheep while watching the sunsets. Sadly, Terah died.

Then one day God spoke to Abram. "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you."

When Sarai heard the news she probably became nervous. Boxes to pack, food to prepare, animals to herd, servants to delegate, so much to do.

Some of their conversation might have been:

"And when does God want us to go?"

Abraham cleared his throat, "Ummmmm, now."

Sarai's jaw probably fell down to the floor. Then she sighed, smiled and probably said, "OK, Dear. Ah, do you have directions for where we're going?"

"Actually, no. But I know God will lead us. Oh, Sarai, we should take my nephew, Lot, with us, too...and don't forget to pack my favorite lamb's wool sweater."

Abram loved the Lord. He understood the importance of God's command to go to a new place, even though he didn't know the exact place or reason why.

Sometimes God asks us to change. Maybe we move to a new home, maybe one of our parents leaves, maybe an older sibling gets married or goes to college, many changes happen in our lives. If we are willing to obey, God will show us and teach us great things.

What could we say to a friend who is sad because things are changing in their life? What would you like someone to say to you?


  1. God will be with you and take care of you the whole time. Try to make the best of it. God is always in control. :):)


  2. I thought of something after I posted this story. I wonder how Abram felt when he realized God chose him? I think I will add this question to the next post.

  3. I am in this same situation now. that's why I found this blog. I was crying of sadness and fear, but Abba talked thru you. Thank you. I feel better now. I know Abba Yahweh is in control! He will take care of me always!

    Aug. 1, 2009

  4. Thats the reason for this site. We are here to help each other. I will pray that God, Abba Yahweh, will continue to show you that He really loves you.


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