Saturday, July 25, 2009

Abraham and Lot

By Mary Vee

Abram's nephew, Lot, became wealthy, like Abrahm.  He had flocks, herds, servants, and herdsmen.  They finished hiking through the promise land.  

After a short visit to Egypt, they returned to a place in about the middle of the land and camped. They pitched their tents near the altar that Abram made for the Lord the first time they traveled through.

Abram woke the next morning, sat down with his breakfast and enjoyed the mountaintop view.  Off to the east he saw the Jordan River, green grass, fields, and vineyards.  It sure was beautiful.

A servant suddenly approached him and bowed.  "The herdsmen are fighting, again."

Abram sighed.  "This can't go on any longer.  Go get Lot."

Lot sauntered to the campfire and yawned.  "What's up, Uncle?"

"My precious nephew, this land cannot provide all we need.  Look over to your left and then to to your right.  Choose where you would like to live.  If you pick the left, I will go to the right.  If you pick the right, I will go to the left."

Lot gazed at the rich land in the Jordan River valley.  He smiled.  "I will take my herdsmen and flocks to the rich valley."

God blessed Abram's desire to bring peace to his growing family.  While Lot thought he made the best choice, he also made the greedy choice.  Abram proved to be not only an obedient servant of God, but a humble one who would do what was needed to bring peace in his family.

Sometimes family members fight.  That doesn't mean they don't love each other.  What can you do to help keep peace in your family.  Please don't say what really happened in your family, only tell what you could do to bring peace. 

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  1. To keep peace in our kindergarten families, these students said: we can share our toys, we can forgive each other, we can show kindness, and joy, we can show love, we can even bring flowers.

    Mrs. McConnell
    kindergarten class


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