Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Noah Believed God

By Mary Vee

God told Noah, and only Noah about His plan to "bring flood waters on the earth". Noah had never seen rain. He had no idea what rain would feel like or look like.
People have joked about what Noah was thinking when God said those words. Some say Noah laughed.
Let's try to figure this out. 120 years went by before the rain waters came. During those years God showed Noah how to invent the first boat that could stay afloat for 371 days, (he was on it for more than 40 days! ).
Noah didn't just spend those days working on his new boat; he also went around to the people, warning them about the coming rain. Even though no one believed him, Noah never stopped believing God. For 120 years, Noah believed he had to make something (a huge boat to float for a long time) to be saved from something (rain and floods) that he had never seen before!
Some kids have to believe God will help them with things that bother them a lot. Loved ones are sick, parents or guardians don't have a job, drugs or alcohol or other problems have made their life difficult. Sometimes these kids just need a word of encouragement to help them to keep believing God is here, and God loves them. Maybe you're a kid who needs these words. What words of encouragement can you give such a kid? What words of encouragement would you like to hear?

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