Saturday, June 20, 2009

Noah and his dad

By Mary Vee

As you celebrate Father's Day on Sunday, remember also your Heavenly Father.
Noah's dad, Lamech, loved him. Lamech said, "Noah will comfort us in our hard work..." During the hundreds of years after Cain's birth, most of the people stopped thinking about God. But, Lamech taught his son Noah and his other children about God's ways. Only Noah chose to worship God.
Noah loved God and wanted to obey Him. He became a dad after living 500 years. He taught his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth how to worship and please God. Other people ignored Noah's family; they didn't want to hang around a family that thought so much about God.
95 years later, Noah's dad died. Noah chose to honor both his dad and his Heavenly Father by teaching his sons to walk close to God.
What ways can you suggest we honor either our earthly dad or our Heavenly Dad?


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  2. We can honor our earthly fathers by being thankful for the hard work they do each day to provide for us. Many fathers have to work extra hours these days and it's good for us to be thankful that they do this so that we can go to good schools, have nice clothes and enjoy good food.

  3. by following Noah's example

  4. We honor our earthly dad and our Heavenly Dad by making them proud of us. When we make the right choices even when it is hard, that makes them both proud. Noah probably got teased for worshipping God when he was little, but that didn't stop him. In fact, that could be what God used to give him "thick skin" when we was older and everyone thought he was crazy for building a big boat. Making our dad(s) proud of us is one of the best feelings in the world! Martha

  5. The greatest thing my dad taught me was honesty. I will honor my dad by following in this pattern.

    I will honor God by following Jesus' examples.


  6. We can honor both by obeying what they say.

    This suggestion was given by a student of Mrs. McConnell.


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