Saturday, June 27, 2009

God is Patient

By Mary Vee

AFTER Noah built the ark God said: Noah did everything just as God commanded. WOW That means that ark looked exactly the way God wanted it!
AFTER Noah built the ark God said: Go into the ark, take your family, because I have found you righteous.
AFTER Noah built the ark God said: Seven days from now I will send rain. So, like, he gave all the people on the earth seven more days to stop worshiping idols, cheating, stealing, not honoring their parents, wanting other people's things, and other sins. He loved those people so much -- so very much that he wanted to give them 7 more days! That's the same amount of time he took for creation, including the day of rest.
AFTER I did the math, I realized God waited 43,807 days AFTER He warned the people before He sent the rains. I don't think I've waited 43,807 days for someone to say sorry to me. WOW I haven't lived that long...yet!
AFTER the 43,807 days, God sent the rain and everyone died except righteous Noah and his family.
God is patiently waiting for you.
What do you suggest we tell kids who don't know God is waiting for them to talk to Him? What would you like a kid to say to you?

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