Monday, June 8, 2009

Adam and Eve's Summer

By Mary Vee

God loves you and wants you to have a nice time this summer. Adam and Eve spent their summer in a beautiful garden talking with animals, exploring hidden treasures, eating fresh fruits, and laying on grass staring at the clouds. They took summer school classes with God and learned about the sun and stars, creeks and rivers, plants and trees, fish and birds, bugs and dinosaurs.

Now that the school year is over, our days can get boring. Some of our families don't have very much money so we are staying home. We're having trouble thinking of ides of what we can do. What do you suggest?


  1. Go to the library; they actually have a pretty good video section. Plus that's a whole lot cheaper than Blockbuster. Also there are these square paper objects called books. They're kinda cool.


  2. Sounds like fun. See ya there!

  3. A few trips to a movie theater would be fun.
    Now you can go to shiloh 14. the new theater open. i went with my family to the movie UP in 3-D. It's cool you get awesome 3-D glasses. The movie starts out sad but ends happy. We also saw night ant the museum 2. it's pretty good. A movie is a fun way to see friends and have fun with your family. but gotta warn you about up in 3-D. it's 6.50 for a kid and and adults are 6.50 too. but warning, you have to pay 2.50 more each person for the person that makes the movie 3-D. make sure you carry money with ya!


  4. I did go! Wahoo! I saw the new Nightmare at the Museum movie. My daughter and I had popcorn and pop thanks to a sweet gift from a student of mine:)

  5. i saw night at the museum, too. not in 3-d, though. i want to see UP.
    since it is summer and really hot,and if it is not raining, i go to the pool. i make sure to bring friends-that makes it all the more fun!next level!
    aka mw

    *Free sports camp* @ Veteran's Park in July.

    Also, check out your local churches for Vacation Bible School Dates! Most denominations offer some sort of VBS & you can go to more than 1. :-)

  7. Also, for enterprising children, or just to teach very basic economics: There are Barron's books for 40 cents at the dollar store at Rehburg & Grand. Maybe your child can practice hands-on by washing a neighbor's dog, raking leaves, etc.

  8. Pools and sports camps just make our bodies feel good. Any karate kids?


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